Tesla Model 3: a new leak confirms just over 100 kW of battery

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Tesla Model 3: a new leak confirms just over 100 kW of battery

Seven months after the opening of the code line relating to the 100 kWh battery in Model 3, a new leak suggests that Tesla will seriously think about proposing this type of configuration.

In December 2019, a hacker named green discovered a new configuration attributed to the Tesla Model 3: a 100 kWh battery, followed by a ridiculous mode, already integrated into Model S Performance. Now that the new leak highlighted by the Zeus M3 account on Twitter and transmitted by the specialized Electrek website has confirmed this battery.

Having rummaged in the model 3 on-board computer in the factory mode, a man came across a mention, at least evocative: the famous 100 kWh battery, which could give it a mileage of 640 km. Thus, the S Long Range Plus model has just passed this milestone thanks to technical and software enhancements recently issued by an American manufacturer.

If this new configuration appears in the Tesla catalog, then there is nothing to say that Elon Musk and his teams will soon offer it. On the other hand, a California-based company seeks to expand its range of vehicles, which makes them indispensable in the electric car market.

Net improvement
To date, the Tesla Model 3 long-range version is equipped with a 75 kW / h battery for a range of about 560 kilometers. Adding a unit with a capacity of 100 kWh, not without increasing its final price, the flagship car of the American brand will provide one of the best autonomy at the moment. Which, perhaps, will convince the most indecisive to take on the electric.
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